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Advanced Market Intelligence and Trading Agency
Definition and implementation of Processes & Methods to guarantee that all Company’s Businesses are duly performed in accordance with the High-level Codes of Ethics ensuring the compliance with the public procurement legal framework (OECD / ITAR…) as well as with the others international and foreign legal practices.
Such Process, Methods are mandatory for any company involved in sensitive businesses as such but not limited to Intelligence, Military, Chemical, Drug and Medicine…  as well as all company contracting  external agent/ consultant/ business partners whatsoever whatever the business segment
Business Development
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E-Mail: patrice.monod@export-pro.fr
Assistance in the positioning of the Export sales force:
- Marketing and Sales organization Audit.
- Marketing and Sales policies analysis.
- Market Intelligence Analysis
- Support to strategic realignment based on targeted markets
- Deployment of business management tools
- Set-up of indirect international distribution and agency channels
- Assistance to recruitment and management of sales force teams
- Coaching of sales teams upon international strategies (EMEA / APAC)
Legal Compliance Processes
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Very strong relationship network ready for you:
- including Agents, Distributors, Resellers, Industrial Partners
- allowing to support your business development over all the following regions:

- Middle East,
- North Africa et Africa,
- East of Europe
- France

AMITA supports your Business development either direct B2B, B2C, B2G
as well as indirect through distributor channels.

Worldwide Networking
Respect of Laws & Ethics